Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mama said there'd be days like this.....

Wow!  Okay, I have been wanting to write for awhile..but happened!  School started, new schedules...and before I know it, it is the beginning of October!  We have been busy!  We went and took a trip of a lifetime and went to Disney World...

It was a wonderful time with my in-laws and my precious children!  Then three days later tragedy hit our house, David's wonderful grandpa, the kids g-pa passed from this life into the arms of Jesus.  He had been hospitalized  but it was so fast and we were not prepared. He was such a Godly man...we miss him so much already.

I have had so many wonderful plans on how I was going to have my days and my nights, but yea...all good plans right.  Because I stayed up way to late, my kids got up late, which meant they didn't eat right, which meant I was in a bad mood and felt like I was running around all day, which meant I wasn't prepared, and felt overwhelmed and disoriented.  We got to dance late and because I didn't make Kaitlyn take a potty break, she had an accident in class.  Then because I didn't plan dinner, we ate fast food...AGAIN!  So I have sought God's Holy Word and in outside sources, from people are inspired by the Holy Spirit to share Godly wisdom.  Her name is Susan Heid and she writes a blog called Confident Mom.  You can find her link to the side bar of my blog, but she is writing this month about something God has been speaking volumes to me:  Time Management.  I have loved it. But I am scared, I have promised myself so much and have promised God so many times, what if I fail, what if I don't follow through...again.  But here is the thing, it is so much more than myself that I am not living up to, it is my precious blessings that God has bestowed upon me, has trusted with.  If I don't get myself up in the morning, don't try to be the best I can be, the best person God made me to be, then they are not getting the best mom they deserve.  And in reality, that is what I truly desire.  To give my children the best person I can be, not the person I think I should be, but the person God designed me to be.  Not so that I can perfect and have it all together, but so my children can live in a home full of peace, a safe haven to run to from the world.  So that my hard working husband can come home to organized and simplicity...and peace.  That is my desire.  Now...turn off the computer, go to bed and begin.


She sets about her work vigorously;    her arms are strong for her tasks. Proverbs 31:17

Monday, August 27, 2012

Under Construction

When I was a little girl I imagined myself and what I would look like when I was in my thirties...I would have a family, be a mom and stay at home with my babies and take care of them and my home.  Everything would be sunshine and rainbows and lollipops.  I would be a success in every sense of the word.  I would have perfect kids, perfect husband and have the perfect life.  Then...well then real world set in.  That's where I am now.  I have possibly the three greatest kids in the world and THE world's greatest husband, but I am far from perfect, and my life is FAR from perfect.  And guess what?...

I am right where Jesus wants me.

Let's say my life was full of sunshine and rainbows and lollipops...what did He come to Earth to save?  Why did He die if everything was perfect...perfection is so far from where we are supposed to be because that is where He can do is best work.  When I am flawed, that is where He comes and moves His Spirit in and mold us to what He has for us...the abundant life...the life He has planned for us...not the life we have planned for ourselves.