Sunday, May 4, 2014


Tomorrow I start my detox, and although no one reads this, I am doing this as a motivation for me.

Why I want to eat healthy:

  1. Take care of the body that is God's temple
  2. Have energy to play with my kids
  3. Model healthy behavior for my kids
  4. So I look nice and not ashamed of myself
What it is going to take:
  1. Follow the rules of the detox
  2. Avoid temptation
  3. Know that God is control and He has my back, I can rely on His strength, and only His strength to stay on course.
  4. Take mini goals:  What can I do this hour to take care of me?  To do make wise decisions.
  5. Don't give up
I am 210 pounds, wearing a 18 clothes, I can do this!

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