Friday, August 9, 2013

Lord I Need You

I am here.  On my knees.  With hands lifted up.  

I CANNOT do this alone.

I have tried. 

 And I fail.  

Every time.  

But with You. 

 I won't.  

Your deepest desire is for me to thrive.  But we can't overcome our hang ups.  So You meet us where we are and give us the strength to overcome anything.


Lord I need You, every hour I need You.  My one defense, my righteousness.  
Oh God how I need You.
So teach my soul to rise to You, when temptation comes my way.  When I cannot stand, I will fall on You.  Jesus you are my hope and stay.  

I.  Cannot.  Do.  This.  Alone!!!!

Thank You Lord.  Thank You for giving me the strength to try another day, to not give up on myself or for what You have for me.  

Please forgive me for doing what I want to do, for not following through with what You have for me.  

Please remind me to meet my children with love and not burdens.  To have grace and show them that love through personal sacrifice.

Please help to only say things that are helpful and not try to prove myself right to my husband.

Please guide me in this journey of eating well.  I can do it with Your help.

I praise You Jesus for who You are, for what You are doing and for the beautiful future You have for me!

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