Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Not About Me

Wow!  You never know how much you get out of Worship and Praising God in church, until you can't.  I had to work yesterday, so I couldn't go to church and I didn't even realize I had lost my focus until I listened to a song posted by a blog I follow.

I started to listen and to praise God and all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit brought something to my mind by one line in the song.....

I live my life to shine Your Light

There is none besides you God

I was hit between the eyes with that one!

It is not about my hurt feelings, insecurities, finding a perfect house, having a successful program...


Satan tries so hard to take my focus off of the big picture (serving God) and focusing on things that rob me from joy (fears, insecurity, anger..).  The joy of serving my God, of living for Him, of putting Him first in my life.  Those things bring me true joy and every time my focus strays, I become discontent and full of anxiety and think lies of myself...

The thing is, why do I keep doing this?  Why can't I stay in the focus of the big picture?  Stay in the grace and love of my heavenly Father?  Why do I get swept up in the lies to the point that I can't see the forest from the trees? 

I am not sure why I do, but I am so glad that there is grace...grace from my family members, grace from my friends...

And the perfect grace from my precious Heavenly Loving Abba...the One who brings the songs and moments in life to bring me back to His wonderful peace and wonderful love.

Here is the song that touched my life...

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  1. I agree totally! It is SOOO hard to stay focused on the big picture. What an awesome God that He gives out grace moment by moment! By the way, you have a beautiful blog! :)